Monday, April 21, 2008

The Ultimate Theme

The world, it seems, is binary.. or at least the human mind makes it to be in that fashion. Whether it is by creation or projection, to our minds the world inherently seems to exists as duality. Think about it; powerful universal themes:
- Life gives us death.
- Loves and its opposite, Hate.
- Good always creates its opposite evil, just like Evil always creates its opposite good (the superman theme).
- Freedom gives the possibility of captivity.
- Power seems the suggest the possibility of no power at all (and the saying "power corrupts" begs the question for the opposite of corruption. If corruption is chaos, then power creates chaos and lack of power creates order?).

These things, in a black or white stochastic world, makes for a world of opposites but in a gradient world gives us the notion of balance, which suggests a third point or trinity. This still gives us more possibilities, for instance, are the gradients a mix of two "forces" or a power level of just one?

But on the other hand:
- The opposite of life, is it really death or doesn't it have an opposite?
- Is the opposite of love actually hate? Is hate actually the absence of love, or is there another opposing "force" called hate?
- The absence of power might make pure order, but is this the only way, or is there another?

Also, powerful numbers always seem to be prime numbers:
- 1 or unity (e.g. god).
- 2 or duality (e.g. live/death, god/goddess, evil/good, etc.)
- 3 or trinity (e.g. father/son/holy-spirit, virgin/mother/crone)
- 5 (e.g. earth/wind/fire/water/spirit, pentagram, pyramid, etc.)
- 7 the magical number?

Of course, it can also follow the fibonacci sequece, in which case the next one would be eight, which I can't seem to associate with anything right now.

Okay, this might all be a little vague, but forgive me I have a rather big jet-lag..


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