Monday, January 28, 2008

Quantum Spirituality

Quantum theory dictates, that when two particles are created at the same time by the same source, they get entangled. This means that every thing that happens to the one particle also instantly happens to the other particle. Whether they are 1 cm apart or they are on opposite ends of the universe.

All particles in this universe are created in the big bang, at the same time at the same place (the only actual place in the universe and thereby also the entire universe). It has been suggested, that therefor all particles in the universe are entangles with each other, which certainly seems very plausible.
What I do not get about the theory are: (1) why do not all particles in the universe then have exactly the same velocity, energy level, etc? And (2) why is it still possible to entangle two separate particles, when all particles are already entangled with each other?
I can think of two possible solutions: (1) there are multiple levels of entanglement or (2) entanglement is relative, like speed is relative. The last one does not explain problem one though.

But what is interesting about this is that, if all particles are somehow entangled with each other, it would mean that we are all one with each other and the universe, in a very real sense.. Which is spiritually very interesting for me, because I really think that we are all one.

Hmm.. I hope we are not all a superposition of a single mind... that might also be a possibility.. Superposition meaning: a possible state of a single object. Quantum theory predicts that an object always is at multiple places at once, until someone observes where it is (the observer has all the power, by intentions).. But seeing that in this case the only observer is the mind in superposition itself, this might not be relevant?

Interesting, quantum theory. It really brings science and spiritualism a lot close to each other!

I advise everybody to watch the movies: What The Bleep Do We Know? and after that What The Bleep Down The Rabbit Hole. That last one being even more interesting than the first!

You are all happy and well! ;)

Good night!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

(Monty Python and...) The Significance of Life

You know.. life is sometimes difficult to understand. It sometimes seems to trick you into making something mentally feel less important than it really ought to feel.

Take romantic relationships. Nobody can ever really grasp the significance of the choices we make about these. But every choice in this, tempts us to lessen the emotional worth of our entire life, because we cannot oversee its consequences and the only defense to this problem, the only way to lessen the burden of realizing this, is to lessen the emotional worth of life itself. For how can something be so important, if we cannot possible make the perfect choice about it?

Strictly speaking, this is why we should never give into doubt, with subjects as life defining as this one. The moment we do or do not do something because of doubting its outcome, we automatically diminish the worth of our life, because we diminished the potential worth of the concept of a relationship.

The only way to avoid this problem, it seems to me, is to have some kind of faith in life, or yourself. Because if you have faith that you have made the right choice, you do not have to lessen the importance of that choice, and thereby corrupt the meaning of life. Face it, what else is life about, if not about choice?

This is interesting, because it means that to really have free choice, to really be free, we need to have faith in something or another...

The lessen we can learn about this is, on the one hand, to be careful in the choices we make and on the other hand, to believe in the choices we have made. But most of all to believe in yourself and to always be true to yourself. Though, keep a weary eye out to making yourself believe the wrong truths... Which brings us to the distinction between faith and blind faith. In my opinion nobody should have blind faith if she can help it, but every body should have faith in the things she cannot control.. it seems the only way to stay sane in this world.

And the most beautiful faith of faiths is the faith of love...

I love you all,

Goodbye for now!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Heart Break..

There is nothing in the world as hard as breaking your heart (Although you might think that it is more difficult to break someone else's heart. This is sadly not true unless you break your own heart with it..). And it is even more difficult if you've had all the chances in the world to make it right, but only realize how stupid you have been when it is to late to fix it. Nothing you read, see or hear will ever prepare you for the feeling of it happening to you! You will never ever even be able to know how bad it feels, if you are not experiencing it at this very moment.. It will fade.. I know it will and every time you experience it (which could easily be multiple times for one event, if you have such a strong optimistic and not always very realistic emotional constitution as I have), it will hurt just as bad..

Do you know that feeling you sometimes get when you like someone who already is in a relationship? If you bring that in the perspective of how it feels to have a broken heart, you will never secretly fansy about them splitting up again!

My heart broke a few times already this year. I had come to realize how much I loved and missed somebody and how much I wanted her back. But I realized this too late.. I was stupid and blind and I did not realize my real feelings for this person until it was too late and she had moved on! I had a lot of time and somehow I only saw what I had lost until it was too late.. It is a cliche, but it is a true cliche.. This hurts so much! There is someone who I love and who loves me, someone I could have been happy with for the rest of my life maybe.. and this person has decided that she doesn't want a relationship with me anymore..

So now I face a life, knowing that I could have been with someone I love but am not and that she will probably find someone else soon and probably be with him for ever.. I have to face that someone else will be with her forever instead of me.. How do you face something like that? I don't know how.. I know I will survive, because I think I can survive anything (emotionally speaking (although I don't want to test my limits!)).. but I really do not want to feel this hurt! This helplessness.. that there is nothing you can do to fix it (and believe me, I have tried (and probably still will for some time, knowing myself..))..

Still deep down, I realize that more than anything else I want her to be happy. I really do! Not immediately, first I just wanted her back, but when I think about it, I realize I cannot handle her being hurt! I realize that if someone who I love hurts, I will hurt with her.. no matter what..

I don't know how I will find someone I love this much again.. but I really hope I will..