Monday, April 7, 2008

Nothing Much...


I know I said to check back soon, that I had another blog idea.. Sorry I completely forgot what is was.. should have written it down. But you can take a look at my new website. It's not yet entirely finished, but this is the first time since as long as I remember that I don't totally hate a website I have created for myself..
Currently it holds not much more that some things I've written, nothing finished yet, but I'm working on it (currently at page 17 (minus the minimum of two I intend to rewrite, minus the 15 which probably will change over time.. hey it's a draft and I'm new to this ;)))..

Also, in two days I'm off to the US for some vacation time! First a few days NYC and then a week traveling around with some friends! Looking forward to that!

But first, two more days of hellish busy-ness, packing and shopping and stuff..

Good night, sleep tight!


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