Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Have Found The Thing I'll be Looking For

Here is an interesting concept: "I have found what I am looking for.". What have I found?

Posed in another way. I have found something, now I can finally start looking for it. What have I found?

It's a concept which, in language, is masked by a similar but different concept. It's a meta version of the everyday concept, if you will.

Let me give some more context to try to make it more clear. In my life I have always been in search for something of which I've only had the vague concept that it was something that would feel good. Which I would only know if I had found it. Something that would make me happy and I don't exactly mean the general search for happiness - I've always had the idea that if you have to search for happiness, you are doing something wrong - but something specific. And I think I have found what that thing is, the subject of the search.
Specifically, I'm searching for a pretty brunette who asks herself exactly these kinds of existential questions, can sing and who looks at me as if she wouldn't survive life without me.. But I'll settle for finding a girlfriend who sort of has the same view of the world as I have.. Which is not easy, because I actually don't know anyone else who has such a view of the world..

One other thing you have to remember: It's about the path not about the destination. Make sure you have fun now, don't plan to have fun later!

With this I'll leave you once more, have a good night!

Oh and btw: Go and watch the movie Into The Wild, it's really, really good!



Sunday, May 25, 2008


Okay, so I was just babbling in my last post. I was tired and sometimes things just get stuck in my head. I think four (4) is a very nice number too ;).

Still I'm, sort of, always on the lookout for "the universal" themes. They are somehow very inspiring and interesting, like they say something about what makes us humans tick and who knows maybe they even say something about how the world works? I'm always on the lookout for clues about how the world works :).

A short one,