Friday, April 27, 2007

God Natured

Hi everyone,

Maybe I am in an optimistic mood, but I'm having the distinct feeling that we have done something right, we as a species, that we sort-of like have past the global-warming test or something like that. Do you know that optimistic feeling you get when you see that progress is made? The kind of progress that is sort of pivital, that might possibly be a catalyst for more good in the future? That "god" (note: I don't believe in a traditional god, I use it as an analogy) has decided that we might be fit for the future after all.
Look at some of the advancements in science that happened in the last few days; a cancer fighting drug is found in dirt, advancements in fusion technology... Ok that's all I can think of, but there might be more. Still I have that feeling! :)

Greetz, Mart!

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