Sunday, March 4, 2007

What's The Opposite of Life

I just saw the final episode of Dawson's Creek. Besides from it being a tear-jerker Dawson raises an interesting point somewhere during the show. He points out that the opposite of death isn't life, it's birth. Although one might argue that the opposite of being born is dying and that definitely the opposite of being dead is living (and that the opposite of being death is being life, or god. Which bring me to the hypothesis that life is heaven, or paradise), lets assume for a while that death isn't the obvious opposite of life as we take it to be. What then is the opposite of life?
If you see existence as a two dimensional plane, with a line dividing it (infinite space above and below) and life is above the line, what do you think is the opposite of life, under the line (call it the great divide). I know what I would think was on the other side. I would think that was on the other side, meaning that I would think that life after death was on the other side... But who knows; the other side might just be the mirror image of this side. Which gives me a very interesting dualistic idea: mind (the spirit, soul, etc.) lives in another universe/existence (on the other side of the divide), with not identical, but functionally comparable physics, which makes mind always run exactly in sync with our bodies. Thus not needing to pass energy through the divide, but still having some sort of synergy between them.. I call it: scindoism. The ism of the divide.

And that's how you get from Dawson's Creek, via paradise, through physics, to spiritualism..

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