Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vampires at the End of Time

Hello dear blog..

Today I wanted to talk about those scary blood sucking creatures, you know, vampires.
Scary and dangerous as they may be, to me they always had some kind of beauty and charm. Especially the female vampires, the forever lasting beauty. The unrelenting black hair. The perfectly white skin. The marvelously bright blue or sometimes even sort of purple eyes. But also the fact that they live for a really long time and that some of them have seen so much of history and must be so much the wiser for it!
This interests me a lot. I've always sort of wanted to live forever. Most of all I want to watch. I want to watch the history of the future, how will mankind turn out, how will the world or even the universe turn out? What mistakes will we still make, what good will we do? In that way I always sort of envy the vampire. Sentenced to watch the world change around him or her. Sentenced for eternity to see and experience, to lose and to gain to live on until the end.
What will the end look like I wonder? Will it just end, without us knowing it? Will things break down first? Will the universe reach a stable point, will chaos cease to exist? Will there be a big sign with "The End" in a big black void, or will it be rather the French "Finn"? Will there be ending credits? Or a sequel? I wonder...
And the vampire sees it all, right down to the final garbage collection of the great virtual machine we call Existence..

Will we ever know, dear blog? Will we every see?

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