Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Flies Like a Drunken Robot on Jet Fuel

Wow, so I didn't write here for a year.. Time flies!

I came back here because I just finished watching the last episode of season four of Californication. Still rubbing the last tears out of my eyes, I decided I needed to come back here and write something. To be honest, the season picked up somewhere in the middle and it had a really strong finaly! I almost wanted the series to finish their, I so much wanted Hank and Becca and Karen to just stay happy together and move to NYC.. But as I said before, a happy Hank does not make for a nice series. So I guess we'll be going back to self-destructive Moody in January. Poor Becca.. Poor Karin.. Poor Hank... I hope he writes something again though!

Anyway, so much about Californication!

It has been an interesting year! I've been to Montreal, Ottawa, Boston (even to a real on campus party in the home of a Harvard professor in Cambridge!), New York and Washington.. That all sounds very cool for a year, was it not that I did this all in November of last year. The rest of the year has been extremely slow in the foreign countries and big cities visiting part. Mostly due to me working on my masters thesis.. And, it is almost finished! It is really exciting to see it finally slowly coming together!

Oh, I did do some cool things two weeks ago. We had a weekend of robotics and worked on the robot jeep (yes a real-world-sized car!) of TNO (dutch research institute) and the also on segway platform.. I love robots!!

As for writing.. I wrote a lot in my thesis, even there I really like the writing part. I didn't write to much of the fictitious kind sadly though.. But, Californication did get me excited again as it used to make me! I even thought of a cool story, so who knows I might start writing again in the near future!

So until next time my brave non-existing readers! For now I bid you farewell!

Good night!

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