Monday, September 28, 2009

New Poem


Here I am, again.

It's a bit dusty.

Haven't been here for a while.

Spider rags on the wall...

Slightly crooked, the dust is falling of the words.

Lines have lost their meaning, just a bit.

The bearing is lost, the direction has missed its point.

Page corners are curling, the book is veil, the rickety desk is failing..

Life has gone by, time has seeped through the cracks, happiness has filled the holes.

Love has slowly but surely filled up to the edge of the void and is now merrily trickling down the edges.

The feeling of freedom of rest and of the warm sun are shining through the blinds of eye lashes and blue eyes are staring at mine..

The beauty of the world rests her head on my breast and sleeps restlessly and I love her all the more..

Taking flight in the sky's pool of empty glad moonlight, sliver strings singing, their song and the birds are there too..

Here it is, the glimps of this, the inkling of why, the question of what and the puzzle of how.


Until next time dear friends...

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Anonymous said...

*mmmmm* :)