Monday, January 28, 2008

Quantum Spirituality

Quantum theory dictates, that when two particles are created at the same time by the same source, they get entangled. This means that every thing that happens to the one particle also instantly happens to the other particle. Whether they are 1 cm apart or they are on opposite ends of the universe.

All particles in this universe are created in the big bang, at the same time at the same place (the only actual place in the universe and thereby also the entire universe). It has been suggested, that therefor all particles in the universe are entangles with each other, which certainly seems very plausible.
What I do not get about the theory are: (1) why do not all particles in the universe then have exactly the same velocity, energy level, etc? And (2) why is it still possible to entangle two separate particles, when all particles are already entangled with each other?
I can think of two possible solutions: (1) there are multiple levels of entanglement or (2) entanglement is relative, like speed is relative. The last one does not explain problem one though.

But what is interesting about this is that, if all particles are somehow entangled with each other, it would mean that we are all one with each other and the universe, in a very real sense.. Which is spiritually very interesting for me, because I really think that we are all one.

Hmm.. I hope we are not all a superposition of a single mind... that might also be a possibility.. Superposition meaning: a possible state of a single object. Quantum theory predicts that an object always is at multiple places at once, until someone observes where it is (the observer has all the power, by intentions).. But seeing that in this case the only observer is the mind in superposition itself, this might not be relevant?

Interesting, quantum theory. It really brings science and spiritualism a lot close to each other!

I advise everybody to watch the movies: What The Bleep Do We Know? and after that What The Bleep Down The Rabbit Hole. That last one being even more interesting than the first!

You are all happy and well! ;)

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Interesting blog!

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Hey I posted that earlier note when I was in a rush to compliment your blog and to encourage more entries! Clearly it did not have the intended effect ;)
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Mart said...


Thank you for your comment!

The regularity of my blog posts depend a bit on the amount of time I have and the number interesting things I think of or come by. But I can guarantee, I will post again ;).