Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Boring Fun Paradox

I'm boring aren't I? I wonder that sometimes. I mean, I want to be interesting, but isn't it kind of boring to want to be interesting? Maybe it is more interesting to want to be boring? Would that be better? I don't know. I just want to be interesting. It's just stupid. Here I am, wanting something again. I always want things, isn't it boring? Here I'm whining about it. How bad can it get?
Now I'm having fun about whining about being boring? I really don't get it anymore! I'm enjoying myself by writing about being boring? What now? I'll start to bore myself about joy? Maybe I can write something about that!
So the real question is: Is it bad to have fun while being boring? It's probably better than being bored by having fun? Isn't it? Is being fun and having fun the same thing? I don't think so.. That's too bad.. I'm good at having fun. Maybe I should let fun have me? Would that be better? I think that if fun had me, that wouldn't be boring! What would you say??

Thank you, you're a great audience!

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